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This Single Sign-On function is only available on the Mentorloop Enterprise Package 

Mentorloop provides SSO via SAML 2.0 for industry-standard identity providers, such as Microsoft Azure Active Directory and Okta. These services are often used by organisations so their employees or members are able to use a single set of credentials to login to any service or system connected to that organisation.

In addition to industry-standard identity provider integrations, we also provide social sign-on directly to participants, with options including Google and LinkedIn authentication.

Contact us to get started with SSO via SAML 2.0 for your program.


How do we provision and deprovision users with SSO authentication?

Your program participants provision themselves when they fill out the signup form for the program. You or your IT team will just need to ensure that the appropriate users in your Identity Provider have been given access to the authentication app created via the instructions linked to above.


Automatic deprovisioning is not currently supported. However, when an SSO-authenticated participant is disabled in your Identity Provider, they will not be able to log in to Mentorloop. Participants in Mentorloop will need to be removed manually.

How do we ensure our team is equipped to handle requests from participants who have trouble logging in?

Typically the issue we see with SSO-authenticated participants is a mismatch of the nameID used during first login and subsequent login attempts. This could be due to incorrect configuration, a change in configuration, or a change to the nameID. Reach out to Mentorloop for assistance troubleshooting SSO login failures. We will likely need to work with your IT team, so it's helpful to include them in the conversation as well or share their details so we can get in touch.

Is Single Sign-On the same as Social Sign-on? 

Single Sign-On is a password authentication method where as Social Sign-On is a form of single sign-on using information that already exists from other applications. At Mentorloop, the social sign-on function is available with Google and LinkedIn and is accessible for both Pro and Enterprise participants. 



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