Integrate Mentorloop with Okta via SAML 2.0

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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This feature is only available on the Mentorloop Enterprise Package

Step 1: Add the Mentorloop Application

Navigate to the Applications page in the Okta administrational panel.

Click Add Application at the top of the page:


Click Create New App at the top of the left sidebar:


This will open the Create a New Application Integration popup.

In the pop-up, configure the app as below. For Platform select Web and for Sign-on method select SAML 2.0.

Click Create to continue.


Configure the general settings for the application. This is the name and logo that your participants will see in their Okta dashboards. We recommend using the app name Mentorloop and using this Mentorloop logo (right click to save to your desktop):


Click Next to continue.


Step 2: Configure SAML SSO

Configure the SAML Settings as per the configuration document you have been provided by our team. Click Next to continue.

☝️ We provide this configuration document to you or your IT team when we begin the SSO setup process. Reach out to your Mentorloop customer success team member if you would like to set up SSO for your program.


If you are asked for any other settings, use the default values within Okta. Reach out to us if a required property does not have a default value.

Fill in the Feedback form. This information is sent directly to Okta and does not affect the integration. We recommend using the values provided below. Click Finish to continue.


Step 3: Provide Mentorloop with the generated metadata URL

If you are not automatically redirected, navigate to the Application Sign-On settings.

You should see a notice that SAML 2.0 is not configured until you complete the setup instructions. At the bottom of this notice is a link to Identity Provider metadata.


Please copy the URL of this metadata file and share it with the Mentorloop team so we can complete the integration from our end.


You are now able to assign participants or groups to the newly created application. Please refer to the Okta documentation for information on provisioning participants for applications.

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