Microsoft Teams "Needs admin approval"

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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Some organisations restrict which users can consent to giving apps access to their company data. In these scenarios, when you try to connect your Microsoft Teams account to Mentorloop, you may see a message saying "Needs admin approval".



Reach out to your IT admin for help approving the app with the following instructions.


Approve the Mentorloop for Teams app

An Azure administrator can approve the Mentorloop for Teams app by following this link: Approve Mentorloop for Teams. Upon successful completion, you/your admin should be taken to the Mentorloop login page, and non-admin users should now be able to connect their MS Teams account to Mentorloop. The Mentorloop for Teams app can be managed from > Azure Active Directory > Enterprise applications.


If your IT admin is still unable to grant admin access using the above instructions, please contact us at or via the chat widget on Mentorloop.

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