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Tracy Powell
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The Mentorloop application is a proprietary web app hosted on the cloud.

It works across all major, modern mobile and desktop operating systems that can provide a web browser with support for JavaScript.

Mentorloop has been designed and developed for use today and into the future, so it has not been optimised for use on legacy browsers. It may not work on older versions of browsers, and we encourage users to keep their browsers up to date - not only so that they can use Mentorloop, but for security reasons and so that they get the best possible web browsing experience.


Mentorloop is maintained to operate in and support the current versions of these browsers:

Operating system

Browser and version

Windows 8.1, 10, 11



Microsoft Edge (Windows 10+)

MacOS Mojave, Catalina, Ventura




iOS 13+

Safari mobile

Android 9+


Android browser


Use of the Mentorloop app may also be impacted by an organisation’s internal IT configuration, potentially requiring additional testing in the following circumstances:

  • where security measures are in place to prevent internal access to social media networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube.

  • where a corporate firewall or VPN is in place.

  • where the internal operating environment is altered for security reasons e.g. with a Proxy Server.

  • where Web Sockets are not supported. (This can be immediately tested with tools such as

See also What domains should my IT team allow?

If you have any questions on the requirements above, or would like to arrange a time to talk with Mentorloop about IT considerations please contact us.

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