How to remove (and re-add) a Participant

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Removing one Participant

You can remove Participants from your mentoring program, and re-add them if required. To do so, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage program from the left sidebar and click Participants 

  2. Search for the Participant you wish to remove

  3. Click their name then scroll down to click Remove Participant

  4. Click Confirm to remove the Participant from your program

Removing a Participant only archives the Loops associated with person, it does not Close them. As such, it is best practice to Close a person's Loops before removing then, in case you want to re-add them later down the line without re-opening their old Loops.

Removing Participants

Removing multiple Participants

To remove multiple Participants at once, select all those you wish to remove and click on the Remove icon at the top of the list.

Removing Participants

What do removed Participants see when logging in?

When removing Participants, you have the option of notifying them, as shown below. Alternatively, you can remove them quietly.


Removed Participant view


Whatever the case, Removed participants that attempt to access the program again will be informed that they have been removed, as demonstrated in the image below. 

Removed participant view

Re-adding one Participant

  1. To add people back to the program, go back to Participants from the left sidebar of your Dashboard
  2. Change the Status filter at the top of the list to Removed
  3. Search for the participant you wish to re-add
  4. Click Un-remove Participant and Confirm

Re-adding multiple Participants

To re-add multiple Participants at once, select the grey box beside their names in the list and click the Un-remove icon at the top of the list. 

Unremoving Participants


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