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As a program coordinator, the Participant page which can be found on the navigation bar on the left will play a big part in how you manage the program within your organisation/community.

Infographics tab

Participant infographics shows you an overview of who has joined your mentoring program based on 5 areas Gender, Experience, Outcomes, Skills and Location.

Manage tab

Detailed Tables

You can now sort the mentors and mentees in your program by the number of loops, group loops and/or goals they have currently active on their profile:

Enhanced Filtering

You can also us these tables to create new filter combinations, allowing you to send bulk messages to specific cohorts of the mentors and mentees in your program (i.e. filtered by the number of loops, group loops and/or any of the information they provided on their sign up form which is currently active on their profile):

Summary Card

Selecting one of your mentors or mentees from the table brings up a summary card, showing details of their Loops, Group Loops and Goals - all in one, easy to manage location. You are also able to turn on or off their ‘Self Match’ status here (i.e. show or hide them from the self initiated matching area).*



Not all programs have Self Match turned on. If you’re interested in exploring opening up a self initiated matching area, reach out to


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