Managing loops

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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How to close active Loops:

  1. Navigate to the Loops page via the navigation bar on the left hand side

  2. Search for the Loop you want to close 

  3. Close this loop

How to remove multiple Loops:

  1. Select the Loops using the check boxes that are located on the left hand side

  2. Click on Close Loops icon and confirm the changes

How to re-open Loops:

  1. Navigate to the Loops page and change the filter from Loop Status: Active & Draft to Loop Status: Closed by PC, Closed by Participant or Archived

  2.  Screen_Shot_2022-08-25_at_4.07.05_pm.png

  3. Select the loop and Reopen this loopScreen_Shot_2022-08-25_at_4.08.44_pm.png

How to reactivate an auto-cancelled request?

For those mentoring programs that have the self matching feature enabled where participants are able to request for their own mentoring connections, keep in mind that when a request is left unanswered for 2 weeks it will be automatically cancelled. 

If a participant reaches out to the Program Coordinator informing them that they want to accept this match, you will simply need to manually re-create the match in the Loops page. 

What is an archived loop?

An archived loop is when one of the participants in the loop is removed from the program or has requested to be removed. Otherwise, loops can be 'closed by the PC' or 'closed by the participant'. 

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