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Where this privacy notice applies

If enabled for your program, you can connect your calendar; Google, iCal, Office 365, Exchange, and Outlook, to Mentorloop. This is entirely optional. You might need an IT administrator to allow the installation of Mentorloop's integration into your calendar.

  • Mentorloop uses Cronofy to connect to your calendar.
  • When you use connect your calendar to Mentorloop, you and your data are subject to the same privacy policy that covers your other usage of Mentorloop as well as Cronofy's privacy policy.

Data processed while your calendar is connected to Mentorloop

Connecting your calendar to Mentorloop will allow Mentorloop via Cronofy to:

  • Create events on your calendar for meetings scheduled in Mentorloop

  • Sync updates and cancellations to these meetings from your calendar to Mentorloop and vice versa

  • Send these calendar events to your Mentorloop partners

No personal data or data from other calendar events is accessed from connecting your calendar to Mentorloop.

What data do we store?

We securely store Cronofy OAuth 2.0 credentials (i.e. what the Cronofy API sends us back after authorising).

Cronofy credentials:

  • access_token: used to call the Cronofy API

  • refresh_token: used to retrieve a new access token from the Cronofy API

  • scope: the scope(s) authorised for Mentorloop

  • sub: the canonical identifier for the account in the Cronofy API

Your rights

You can remove access to your calendar from Mentorloop at any time by unlinking your calendar via Integrations in your Settings. Unlinking all calendar accounts revokes Cronofy's access to your calendar.

Full privacy policy

Access Mentorloop's full privacy policy or contact us if you have any questions.


If you'd like to know more, just contact us at or via the chat widget on Mentorloop.

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