Configure Mentorloop as an Enterprise Application in Microsoft Entra ID

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Tracy Powell
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This feature is only available on the Mentorloop Enterprise Package

Prerequisite: Contact customer success to get started

If you haven't yet discussed SSO with us, let your customer success manager (CSM) know you'd like to enable it. Your CSM can get the process started to enable SSO via SAML for your mentoring program. Once you're ready to go, we will send you an email with the details you need to complete the steps below.


Step 1: Add the Mentorloop Application

From the Microsoft Entra ID dashboard, click Enterprise applications in the left nav.

entra id overview.png


Click New application in the top menu.

entra id - enterprise applications.png


Click Create your own application.

entra gallery.png


Give your application a name. This is the name your users will see for the application in their dashboard. We recommend using Mentorloop SSO. Click Create to continue.

entra id - new application.png


Step 2: Configure SAML SSO

From the application dashboard, click Single sign-on.


Click SAML for the single sign-on method.


Click Upload metadata file. Select the file provided to you by Mentorloop, and click Save.


In the Attributes & Claims section, click Edit.


Click Unique User Identifier (Name ID).


Select Persistent as the Name identifier format. Click Save. Close this screen and the next with the X button at the top right.



Step 3: Provide Mentorloop with the generated metadata URL

In order to integrate your Active Directory with the Mentorloop application, the Mentorloop team requires some configuration data.

In the SAML Signing Certificate section, click the Copy button for the App Federation Metadata Url field. Provide this value to Mentorloop.


You are now able to assign users or groups to the newly created application. Please refer to the Azure Active Directory documentation for information on provisioning users for applications.



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