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What is a Group Loop?

A Group Loop is created to allow for multiple participants to connect, ask questions, share insight and tips. Before creating a group loop, we recommend having a clear vision (the why, the who and the what about) defined for why you're connecting these participants.

An example of a Group Loop could be to connect all of your mentors together so that they can share tips on how best to support their mentees. Similarly, you could create a group of mentees who can offer guidance to each other on getting the most out of a mentoring relationship.

How do I create a Group Loop?

  1. Go to the Loops page via the navigation bar on the left

  2. Choose a name for your Group Loop and select your participants

    When you click on an individual, their profile information is visible on the right hand side. From here, you can select the information you wish to filter by and the list of participants will filter down to only those who meet that criteria.

  3. Review your Group Loop and click Review Loop. You can also choose to notify your Group Loop participants.

  4. If you want to facilitate and have the ability to see the content shared in the Group Loop, make sure to add yourself!

  5. Your new Group Loop will appear in the Loops tab.

Adding more participants to a Group Loop

After you have created your Group, you may wish to add more participants. To do this:

  1. Go to the Participant page and filter for the participants you wish to add. For example, if you are creating a group of unmatched mentees select the filters Mentoring Role: Mentee and Active Loops: No Loops.

  2. Just above where your participants are listed, tick the box beside Participant. This will select all of the participant listed.

  3. Click on the Add to group loop icon.

  4. Choose your Group Loop and click on Add to group loop at the bottom of the screen. Again you can choose to notify your participants.

Remove participants to a Group Loop?

If for any reason a participant needs to be removed from a Group Loop, you can do so by:

  1. Navigating to the loops page and selecting the Group loop
  2. Search for the participant you wish to remove and simply untick the check box beside their name
  3. To confirm your changes, select Review loop. 

If you remove a mentor or mentee from the participants' page, they will be automatically removed from any group loops they are part of. The same goes for when you re-add a participant!

How do notifications work?

Group Loop participants will receive notifications when logged into Mentorloop. If participants are not logged in, a notification will be sent via email.

Your participants have the option to edit their email notification frequency via settings.

Why Group Loops?

Creating Group Loops for your mentoring program can definitely be a game-changer for your mentoring program.

Can participants see each others profile? 

Those participants within a Group Loop can view each others profiles by clicking on either the information icon or the link below the Group Loop name.

Can participants create their own Group Loops?

Mentors and Mentees will not be able to create their own group loops as this feature is part of the Manual Matching that only Program Coordinators have control over. 


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