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As Program Coordinator, you can create Group Loops, which allow your participants to connect, ask questions, and share insights and tips with many people in the Loop. There are three types of Group Loops that you can create for your participants: Public, Private and Hidden.

Group Loop Types

Creating Group Loops

  1. Go to the Loops page via the navigation bar on the left 

  2. Create a Group Loop. Ensure you include the Name, Description and type of Group Loop.

  3. Enable or disable the Mentoring Quality Score survey to be sent to those in your Group Loop. 
  4. Select the people you want to add from the list of participants or you can utilise the filters if you have certain criteria then add to the group loop

    To preview participant profiles - click on their profile picture which will open their summary card

  5. Review your Group Loop details, and you also have the option to disable or enable the notification that informs participants that they have been added to a Group Loop.

  6. Program Coordinators can join any Group Loops that they create. Select Join which will give you access to the Group Loop chat on the left-hand side and allow you to open the Loop at anytime from the Loops page. Group Loop View from Loops Page

Adding more participants to a Group Loop

  1. Go to the Participant page and find the participants you wish to add

  2. Select the participants and click on the Add to Group Loop icon
  3. Choose which Group Loop and follow the prompts

Remove participants from a Group Loop

  1. Navigating to the loops page and find the Group Loop you want to edit
  2. Edit members and remove participants from the right hand side 
  3. Save your changes on the bottom right hand side.  

If you remove a mentor or mentee from the participants' page, they will be automatically removed from any group loops they are part of. The same goes for when you re-add a participant.


Group Loop participants will receive notifications when logged into Mentorloop. If participants are not logged in, a notification will be sent via email.

Participants can set their group loop notifications within the loop. This is separate to the general email notifications that participants can set via their settings.

Why Group Loops?

We recommend having a clear vision (the why, the who and the what about) defined for why you're connecting these participants. Creating Group Loops for your mentoring program can be a game-changer for your mentoring program.

Can participants see each other's profile

Participants who have been added or joined a Group Loop can view each other's profiles the Group Loop name or view group members

Screenshot 2024-05-06 at 11.57.13 AM.png

Can participants create Group Loops?

Mentors and mentees cannot create group loops, but they can join public group loops.


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