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How do I connect my Zoom account to Mentorloop?

  • Log into Mentorloop and navigate to your dashboard

  • Click ‘Link my Zoom account’

  • Sign into your Zoom account and confirm that you give Mentorloop permission to access your Zoom account.

Authorise that Mentorloop can access your Zoom account.

You can link your zoom account via Account Settings > Integrations

If you don't see the option to link your Zoom account, the integration hasn't been enabled for your program. Reach out to your Program Coordinator.


How do I start a Zoom meeting from Mentorloop?

From within your 1:1 loop, click on the Zoom icon at the top of the page and confirm that you would like to launch a meeting. The meeting will appear in the loop allowing both you and your mentor/mentee to join it. 


If my mentor/mentee invites me to a Zoom meeting how will I know?

You will be notified within Mentorloop and by email. The meeting invite will appear in your 1:1 loop.


How do I end my Zoom meetings?

Either click ‘End meeting’ from within your loop or ‘Leave meeting’ from within Zoom. 


Do I need to have a Zoom account in order to set up a Zoom meeting in Mentorloop?

A Zoom account is required to create your own meetings and send invitations to your mentor/mentee. Learn more about how to create your free Zoom account here. Free Zoom accounts can host a total of 100 participants and meeting time is limited to only 40 minutes. 


Does my mentor/mentee also have to have a Zoom account in order for us to use it through Mentorloop?

No, a Zoom account is not required if they are strictly joining Zoom meetings as a participant if you have an account and are setting up the call. 


Is my Zoom information visible to anybody else?

The program coordinator can see that meetings have been scheduled but they cannot access recordings, transcripts or any extra data from Zoom.


How do I disconnect my Zoom account from Mentorloop? 

You can revoke the permissions at any time by logging into your Zoom account and updating your settings.


Are my Zoom meetings secure? 

Mentorloop creates all Zoom meetings with a secure meeting password enabled by default to ensure that only participants with the meeting URL are able to join the meeting. To further secure your meetings, we recommend that you don’t share your Zoom meeting ID with anyone you don't trust. 

Zoom is GDPR compliant. Meetings and data are protected by end-to-end encryption. More information can be found on Zoom's own security page

We understand that if privacy is a concern, you may wish to consider an alternative video conferencing platform.


What to do when pre-approval of Zoom is required?

If you receive a prompt for pre-approval, then whoever owns the Zoom account (i.e. the administrator of your Zoom account) needs to approve it.


What if I use a different video conferencing platform, that isn't Zoom? 

We'd love to chat to you about integration, please get in touch with us at info@mentorloop.com.

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