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Georgia Pascoe
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Video conferencing allows mentors and mentees to create and launch meetings from within the app.

Microsoft Teams is only available on Mentorloop's Enterprise Package

What video conferencing does Mentorloop have?

Zoom and Microsoft Teams are both supported within Mentorloop!


How can I enable Zoom and Microsoft Teams for my participants?

  • Log in to Mentorloop and navigate to your Dashboard

  • Scroll to the bottom right hand side and check to see if you have either Zoom or Microsoft enabled, if not ask your Customer Success Manager (CSM) or email to enable it on your behalf!

  • You can have both enabled if you like, depending on your Mentorloop Subscription!

What does it look like when Zoom and Microsoft Teams is enabled?

When it is enabled, the option to link your account will be underneath the 'Feature Request' widget.

If you cannot view these options, then it has not been enabled. Reach out to for assistance! 

For more information regarding general Mentorloop integrations, click here!


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