How mentoring can help you find your dream job

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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1. Find a peer mentor

The job market moves constantly and people practices are rapidly changing, so if you’re looking to make a change, look around you. The most insightful advice comes from people three months ahead of you, not five years. Ask a peer who’s recently landed a new job to tell you how they did it.

2. Practice active gratitude

Think of all the people who helped you with advice, encouragement and insight in 2018 and send them a thank you note (or email or direct message). A slightly delayed, given-with-the-benefit-of-perspective follow-up thank you is more powerful than a thank you in the moment. It’s an opportunity to reach out, and then if they respond to ask how it’s going, you can bring your new job search into the conversation. They might put you forward, recommend an approach, or even act as a reference further down the track.

3. Pay it forward

What looks great on a CV? The fact that you’re experienced, comfortable and community-minded enough to pay it forward. We’ve all got people we help out with advice or an intro from time to time, so cultivate your own mentees.


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