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Leading up to the launch of your program, you may have a few questions.

How can I share my signup form to people?

  1. Log into Mentorloop and navigate to Program settings to quick copy your invitation link

  2. You can also click on Program settings for the option to send participants the sign up form link via their email.

Can we see the matches before they go live?

For Manual and Smart Matching Algorithm:

When you create a Manual Match, you can save this as a Draft Loop first before approving the match. Similarly, when the Smart Matches are created, Mentorloop provides you with a list of Draft Loops where you can then review, before setting live!


For Self Matching:

As Self Matching is participant driven, the matches go live depending on whether or not the participant accepts their match request. You can see this activity within the Self Match Activity tab.


What does the mentor/mentee dashboard look like?

The mentor/mentee dashboard has:

  • Mentoring Milestones

  • Recommended Reading

  • Goals

  • Profile settings
  • Basic Program activity

  • Highlights 
  • Loops

Check out this video of the Mentorloop Participant dashboard to see it in action.

Should we invite mentors first?

It would be a good idea to invite mentors first so that you can gain an idea of how the ratio would be for mentees.


What happens if we don’t get enough mentors?

If you suspect that you will not receive applications from mentors, consider including a capacity question to your sign up form. That way you can check to see if applicants can take on more than one connection. For more tips, click here.


Will my matches be made in time for launch?

Creating matches is usually done after you've launched and have an idea of who the participants are. If you have a curated list of participants to invite, you can match them before launch on a word document or an excel spreadsheet.

Can I send group messages?

You have the option to send a group message or a bulk message. The difference?

  • Group message is a message sent to a group of people in one big chat (Group Loops), and the participants in that group can reply in the same thread, seeing everyone else's reply.

  • Bulk message is a message sent to a list of people but it is received in their own individual 1:1 Loop chat with you, the Program Coordinator.

Can we limit the number of matches per user?

We acknowledge that there isn't one perfect match, so having multiple, purpose-driven mentoring relationships with several people at different stages depending on the type of support you need could be beneficial to your participants.

There isn't a set amount of matches that a user can make. However, you can let them know in the landing page if you do want to implement a limit.

Do our participants get notified when they’re matched?

Yes, once a match has been made live you can choose whether or not you want to be notified. You can customise the notification email via Program settings from the top bar navigation and proceed to First match email notification.

Can we brand the program?

You can customise your name, brand colour and brand logo within the Program settings to customise your program.

When a message is sent will it appear in their inbox?

When a message is sent to a participant via their 1:1 Loop, they will receive a notification on the left side bar. If they are not on the app, they will receive an email.

Is a profile photo optional?

Although it is optional to add a profile picture, it would help in putting a face to a name when participants are matched to one other. You have the option to make this mandatory if you like.

How do we track how often they are meeting?

To view how often mentors and mentees are meeting, you can export 'Activity' data from the Loops page. It is an Excel CSV file that shows all activity undertaken in the app by participants.


The type of activity you can see is:

  • Number of messages sent by mentor or mentee

  • Number of files sent

  • Number of Meetings scheduled/launched via the app

  • Shared goals

  • Last activity






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