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Understand how you can utilise the program settings to your advantage! This article will outline the 8 different sections within your settings page. 

Where can I find my Program Setting?

Navigate to Program settings from your top bar navigation. 

Signup form

  • Access your signup form link to send to potential participants.

  • Preview your form.

  • Activate/deactivate the link (if your program is at capacity, deactivate the link to prevent further participants signing up).

To deactivate your link, select the Active button on the right side. It is deactivated when the button is grey and you'll receive a notification at the top of the screen that it has been updated.

This is what participants will see if they have received the link and it is deactivated:


Target number of participants

This section allows you to set any recruitment goal and track the growth of your program through your participant chart located on your Program Coordinator dashboard. To set a recruitment goal, simply enter your desired target and track its progress on your dashboard. 
You can allow your participants to seek their own connections with other participants throughout the program. Simply toggle the switch to enable or disable this option. 

Limit open match requests

This section allows you to change the number of requests a participant can make. As default, it is set to unlimited requests. To change that, simply untick the option, which will allow you to adjust the text box to suit the number of requests you would like participant to make. 


Customise your program

You can now change the look and feel of your program dashboard and signup page in this section.


Signup form welcome message

This allows you to change the message that is shown at the beginning of your signup form.


Program coordinator loop introduction

This allows you to edit the first message that participants receive in their 1:1 loop with the Program Coordinator.

Top tip: On the right hand side are special codes that you copy into the introduction message, that will automatically edit and include the participant's first name. This saves you from changing the introduction message each time a new participant is onboard and allows it to be more personal.


What new participants see:


New match email notification

This section allows you to edit the default email that participants receive when you notify them that they have been matched.

Top tip: When you are creating a loop, you are still able to edit this new match message before approving it.


Recommended reading

This section allows you to customise readings for your participants based on their role within the program. A maximum of 10 recommended readings can be added!

Click here to learn more about recommended readings


Dashboard introduction message

This feature allows you to add an additional message for all your participants to see on their dashboards. You can begin writing your message on the left and be able to preview it on the left before posting!

What participants see on the top of their Dashboard:

It is supported by Markdown Syntax which gives you the ability to edit your message such as your font, adding links or adding dot points!

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