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Where this privacy notice applies

Microsoft Teams is only available on Mentorloop's Enterprise Package

You can set up Mentorloop to launch video calls with your mentees and mentors in Microsoft Teams. This is entirely optional. You might need an IT administrator to allow the installation of Mentorloop’s integration into your Teams account.

When you use Mentorloop with Teams, you and your data are subject to the same privacy policy that covers your other usage of Mentorloop.

Extra data processed when you use Microsoft Teams with Mentorloop

In addition to the data collected as you use the Mentorloop web app, enabling the Microsoft Teams integration will allow Mentorloop to:

  • Access your basic Teams profile information, including the email address you have registered with Teams

  • Create Microsoft Teams video conferences directly from the Mentorloop web app

  • Read basic information about Teams video conferences created from inside the Mentorloop web app

Will Mentorloop appear under 'apps' within the Microsoft Teams account?

Participants will not be able to see the Mentorloop app within Teams. IT admins with access to the customer's Azure Active Directory will be able to see and manage the Mentorloop app from the Enterprise Apps section.

What data do we store?

We securely store Microsoft Teams OAuth 2.0 credentials (i.e. what MS Graph API sends us back after authorising) and Teams meeting data (i.e. what MS Graph API sends us back after creating the meeting).

Microsoft Teams credentials:

  • access_token: used to call the Teams API

  • refresh_token: to get the access_token if it's expired

  • scope: list of scope given to Mentorloop

Microsoft Teams meeting data:

  • id

  • joinUrl

  • startDateTime

  • endDateTime

  • subject

Your rights

You can revoke access to your Teams account from Mentorloop at any time by removing it from your Installed Apps.

Full privacy policy

Access Mentorloop's full privacy policy or contact us if you have any questions:


If you'd like to know more, just contact us at or via the chat widget on Mentorloop.



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