Utilising the Participant Filters

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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View and message your new mentors 

As a coordinator, I want to message all mentors that signed up last month in the Australian State of Victoria. 


1. Filter participants down to only include Mentors:

Filtering for Mentoring role

2. Filter down to only include mentors who have signed up between 1-30 November 2021:

Filtering for a specific date

3. Filter down into the correct location (or office):

Filtering for location

View and message your long-standing female participants  

As a coordinator, I want to message female participants who are looped and signed up before the 31 October 2021. 

1. Filter down by Gender (in this case, we're looking for female gender participants):

Filtering for Gender2. Filter down into females who have an active loop:

Filtering for participants in an active loop

3. Filter down into those females with an active loop, who signed up before 31 October 2022:

Filtering for participants who signed up before a specific date


Invite your mentees with common goals to an event

As a coordinator, I want to create an event for all mentees who have a goal regarding career progression in Melbourne, Australia 


1. Filter for participants with the Mentee Goal of ‘Career Progression’:

2. Filter down into those participants who also are located in Melbourne, Australia:

3. Bulk select all participants then select the Meeting icon to create an invitation which will send an event message to only the female mentees with a goal of ‘career progression' in Melbourne, Australia.




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