Requesting your mentoring match

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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This article will provide instructions and advice on requesting a mentor or mentee.

Request a match via the platform

  1. Click on the Find a Match page on the left sidebar

  2. You can filter your search by expertise, department, goals and more.

  3. Select the profile you wish to view and click 'Connect'.

Include a message

There are 4 key points to remember when reaching out:

  1. Introduce yourself with a brief summary.

  2. Let them know why you’ve chosen them for a match. Aim to make your reasons relatable to your mentor's experiences.
  3. Outline what you’re hoping to achieve in the mentoring relationship.

  4. Keep it short and snappy.

Let’s look at a quick example. Natalie, (a mentee) is wanting to connect with Claire (a mentor):

Using the self matching feature with Mentorloop means your requested connection can view your profile if they’re looking for more detail!

How to decline a request from another participant

  1. Click on the Matching Requests page
  2. Search for the request you would like to decline and include your reasoning
  3. You have the option to add an additional message
  4. Confirm, this will update the requester and inform them of the request outcome

Viewing your match's profile:

  1. To see the full biography of your mentoring match, first ensure you're within the relevant mentoring loop
  2. You can then simply click their name or avatar, which will display their profile in the sidebar

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