How to schedule a meeting

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Log a future meeting

Schedule a meeting within your Loop by clicking on the + symbol in the bottom > 'Schedule a meeting'. From there you can set the meeting topic, type, and date and time. If Zoom or MS Teams is available on your program, that will be an option under meeting type.

If you have not connected any video conferencing options, choose the In person meeting option.

Select a date and time

If you both have calendar integration linked to Mentorloop, you will be able to see the availability of your mentor/mentee highlight in green. When a time is selected, you will be prompt to confirm. 


Once the meeting is scheduled, your mentor/mentee will receive an email notification and will be prompted to add the event to their calendar.

Click 'View in Sidebar' to see more details or open your calendar!

Log a previous meeting

If you have forgotten to schedule a meeting that has already occurred, you are able to log that meeting within your 1:1 loop only if you do not have your calendar integrated.

Cancel a meeting

If you need to cancel an upcoming meeting that you've scheduled, you can do so from your 1:1 loop. Use the search function at the top right of the loop to find the meeting and then click the "Cancel" button.

You can only cancel meetings that you have scheduled yourself.


Canceling a meeting

How can I cancel recurring meetings? 

You can cancel recurring meetings like you usually do in your 1:1 loop, when you select cancel, follow up and choose to cancel 'all occurrences'. 



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