Why should I message my participants in bulk?

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Janina Mercado
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As a Program Coordinator, you can message multiple people at once! You can send messages to multiple people through the Bulk Message feature. There are many different use cases to message your participants in bulk and this article will highlight a few. 

How often should I check in on my participants? 

While we don't want to enforce cadence on how often you should check in on your participants, we usually recommend sending a general check in message to your participants at least once a month.

Why should I send regular messages?

Sending bulk messages with a regular monthly cadence helps to:

  • Keep mentoring front of mind;

  • Share useful tips and tricks;

  • Provide an opportunity for support replies from your participants, and;

  • Share what your organisation has been up to in the last month, particularly in employee development.

Keep Mentoring front of mind 💭 

After being in a mentoring program sometime, priorities and projects may stack up and can make the idea of mentoring slip between the cracks. Simply sending a quick check in message will serve as a reminder of your amazing program and keep mentoring in the forefront.  

Sharing useful tips and tricks 💡 

The Participant section of Mentorloop Academy has a wide variety of resources dedicated to enhancing the mentoring experience for your participants. Find an article that you feel may be useful or insightful and share that with your participants, chances are that they haven't read it yet (see our Help Hub and blog are more useful for ideas). 

Providing support to your participants 🤝 

Sometimes, its nice to check in and remind your participants that you as the Program Coordinator are here to support their mentoring needs, especially when it comes to being a safe space for feedback or flagging inappropriate behaviour within a mentoring relationship. 

Share news and updates 📰 

Got any news or upcoming events that you want to share with your participants? You can easily announce any organisation or mentoring updates through bulk messaging an also attach any relevant files for your participants. 

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