What's the difference between an Admin and a Program Coordinator?

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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Whilst Program Coordinators help run the day-to-day of mentoring programs, Admins are more of a top level "birds-eye view".

  • Both an Admin and a Program Coordinator can make matches and see new recruits, but only the Program Coordinator will see the messages to the PC from participants and can send bulk messages to participants.
  • Each Program facilitates multiple Admins, but it can only support one Program Coordinator at a time.
  • A Program Coordinator can be promoted to also be an Admin. Program Coordinators are not automatically Admins by default.
  • Only the existing Program Coordinator or a Mentorloop employee can change a program coordinator associated with a program. 
  • An Admin can be a mentor/mentee, a Program Coordinator can not.

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