How to help your participants with adopting Mentorloop

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When you launch a new program, it can be hard to get people to adopt the new tools that come with it. Sometimes it has less to do with ease of use and more to do with hesitancy. Many people just aren’t keen on adding another app, program, or software to the stack of tools that they use day-to-day.

So let’s start at the start - why is the adoption of your mentoring platform important?

For you, the Program Coordinator, better participant adoption:

  • Allows you to easily and more accurately track your program’s health
  • Makes reporting easier
  • Allows you to more accurately monitor your program for issues for quicker and easier intervention
  • Saves you valuable time and resources
  • Helps you communicate quickly and easily with your participants

For the Participants using the platform, using Mentorloop:

  • Gives them an easier channel for feedback specific to the mentoring program
  • Allows them to document their mentoring journey in one place - it's the "home" and history of their mentoring relationship, shared with their mentor or mentee
  • Fosters accountability
  • Allows them to be guided with resources at appropriate times in their journey
  • Gives them the opportunity to connect with someone they may not have had the chance to meet any other way

How can you guide your participants into adopting your mentoring software?

Explain the “Why”

The first and most important step is explaining why you’re using a platform at all. 

For most programs, the use of mentoring software allows the coordinators to include more people, generate better matching opportunities, and be proactive in guiding participants to succeed. Whatever the reason, communicate this to your cohort. When they understand why something is being used, they will be more open to integrating it into their set of tools. 

Showcase the Benefits

That bit above on why using mentoring software helps participants too? That’s something your participants should know. When people know how a tool can help them, it’s easier to get them to use it.

Communicate the Ease of Using Mentorloop

Mentorloop is a tool designed to be as intuitive to use and unobtrusive to daily workflows as it can be. So take advantage of this!

Advice from our Customer Success Team

"Encourage your participants to watch our 5 Steps to Mentoring Success webinar. In the recorded webinar, our mentoring specialists talk through how to have a successful mentoring relationship, but also the use of Mentorloop."

- Kristin

Demo the Platform

A short demo on how it works will go a long way. Your participants won’t feel like you’re throwing them into the deep end to figure a new platform on their own, and you get to show them around so they know what to expect when they log in.

Maximise Mentorloop’s Integrations

Mentorloop’s integrations were developed so that your participants can use Mentorloop within the tools they’re already familiar with. So use them - and more importantly, tell your participants that these integrations are available!

Using these integrations mean your participants don’t have to log into the platform every time they want to do something related to their mentoring journey. (This can be a real adoption incentive for some participants!) We understand that people have their own established ways of keeping in touch and just generally going about their day (e.g. Slack, Zoom, MS Teams, emails, calendars, etc.) so we’ve made sure Mentorloop fits into users’ day-to-day routines instead of forcing them into Mentorloop. 

Learn more about Mentorloop’s integrations.

Take Advantage of Mentorloop’s Resources

Sometimes, participants just have some trouble with certain things and it becomes a sticking point for neglecting to use the program. If this is the case, take advantage of Mentorloop’s Participant HelpHub - it has tons of content for anything that your participants may be having trouble with.

Advice from the Mentorloop team:

"Encourage your participants to connect their calendars to Mentorloop. It’s an easy and seamless way for them to see each other’s availability and coordinate for meetings."

- Kristin & Janina
"With their Calendars connected, encourage participants to schedule a recurring meeting in their Loop. This is great because it sets the cadence for meeting up from the get-go, meaning they don’t need to worry about logging in just to schedule meetings going forward. It also provides you, the PC, with much more Sentiment data as you’ll receive post-meeting scores! This is something you likely won’t get if participants aren’t scheduling meetings on Mentorloop."
- Marina


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