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Mentorloop gives your participants a default list of Recommended Reading, but if you want to take it to the next level, here’s how you can leverage this feature to support participants and keep engagement up.


  • Remember that you can segment your Recommended Reading for mentors and mentees - it’s best to do this so you’re serving your participants content that’s relevant to them
  • You can periodically change what’s in the lists as time goes on to give your participants new ideas for their mentoring sessions - this works especially well for programs that run in cohorts as everyone is on the same timeline.
  • You can share external links in your Recommended Reading list so don’t limit yourself! While Mentorloop has great resources for mentors and mentees, if your program has specific goals (e.g. support for certain minority groups or career building for niche industries) and you’ve found or made content specifically for this, go ahead and pop those into your Recommended Reading lists. 

Below is a sample list of recommended readings for your mentoring program, based on its type or theme. Feel free to update your recommended reading page and add an internal resource that might be more directly related to your program's structure.

Program Structure

Program Themes

Tips from the Mentorloop team:

"Sending out bulk messages at a regular cadence, such as monthly, helps keep mentoring best practice front of mind and provides a direct line for participants to ask you questions or share feedback. You can help participants get the most out of the Recommended Reading by letting them know when it’s been updated."

- Kristin

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