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Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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At Mentorloop, we want our Program Coordinators to have a seamless and accessible way of running their mentoring programs. With the new and improved navigation, you will have access to all the pages and functions of Mentorloop at one click! 

Left sidebar

The left sidebar includes your Dashboard and Highlights, as well as the pages you'll need to manage your program:

  • Signups
  • Participants
  • Self match activity (if enabled)
  • Loops
  • Sentiment
  • Goals

Within the left sidebar, you can also access your most recent loop conversations with your participants.

Top Navigation Bar

Top navigation bar it is where you can access any program information you might need such as:

  • Enabling/Disabling your signup form 
  • Inviting participants to the program 
  • Sharing the signup form link
  • Previewing the signup form and the self match function as a participant
  • Program settings
  • Shifting to another program if you are running multiple mentoring programs

Account settings


Account settings is located on the top right. You can access the Mentorloop Help Hub as well as the settings relating to your personal account such as:

        • Updating your email or password
        • Integrations 
        • Preferences 
        • Signing out

In-app notifications

You can locate your in-app notifications by clicking the bell icon located next to your Program settings, Program Coordinators will be notified when a participant reaches out to them. 


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