NSW Public Service Commission and their approach to Group Loops

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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The NSW Public Service Commission (PSC) run a mentoring program for NSW Government people managers as part of their people manager capability uplift program.

It focuses on encouraging people manager capability, specifically in the areas of performance and development which have been outlined as the two stages of the employee lifecycle that capture most of the day-to-day experiences of employees. 

The program was created to provide participants with the following supportive framework:

  • Targeted people manager capability development
  • Group-based learning opportunities
  • Cross-sector networking opportunities

The NSW PSC implemented an innovative approach for their pilot program using Group Loops. This approach allowed them to streamline their communication and collaboration efforts among team members, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Mentorloop's Smart Matching algorithm helped to alleviate the time as it quickened the process of matching one People Manager Mentor to five different Mentees in different clusters. The Program Coordinator identified their criteria to ensure their group loop connections had similar capabilities but simultaneously had a mixture of clusters, locations and diversity. 

Group loops are one thing, but cross-sector group loops are another! 

The PSC Program has utilised Mentorloop to the best of its ability by using the Smart Matching Algorithm to find the best connection based on well-thought criteria to ensure that the groups had similar capabilities but a mixture of ‘clusters’, location, and diversity. 

With one PSC Mentor to 5 Mentees, Joyce (Program Coordinator) was able to connect all participants to their respective Group Loops. 

For group mentoring setups, 1:1 Loops are still important:

"While it is great that you are considering all the features that Mentorloop can offer. I recommend incorporating Group Loops with 1:1 Loops for the mentor and individual mentees.

It gives your participants more personal and meaningful advice that they can use to enhance their skills. Additionally, on the Program Coordinator side of things - it gives you further insight into how the mentoring program is going and be able to monitor which relationships are working well!"
- Janina


Feedback from participants regarding the group loop setup:

With each mentee having different goals and issues we want to discuss, our mentor has done a great job with ensuring each of us has a chance to speak and allows the group an opportunity to comment. He has made the effort to do pre-work so that there is always a common topic that sets the scene for each session, which helps to facilitate the discussions.”

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