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We're here to help you maximise Mentorloop and provide your participants with the best mentoring experience possible. To do that, let's go through the Participant Dashboard so you can see Mentorloop from their eyes.

The Participant Dashboard shows the mentors and mentees 5 main things:

  • Their Loops and their respective Milestone stages
  • Goals
  • Recommended Reading
  • Help Hub
  • Highlights

Loop-based Milestones🚏

In this section, participants who have been matched - regardless of the matching style you have chosen - can preview their relationship with their mentors or mentees.

When participants have more than one connection, their dashboard will display multiple Loop cards.

Each Loop card will tell them where they are in their journey with each of their mentoring partners and suggest steps they can take to move forward.

When participants' Loops are placed at the forefront, they are consistently reminded of their connections and how they can advance their journey with continued momentum and progress. This supports you in keeping them engaged and guiding them towards mentoring success.

Goals 🎯

Your mentors and mentees can create and share goals directly from the Dashboard.

It is easy to use and is structured so that participants are creating SMART goals. They can also set incremental tasks to help them achieve their goals, giving them more structure and help them monitor their own progress.

They are also able to share these goals with their mentoring partner so they can get support and have an accountability partner.

Recommended Reading 📚

The Recommended Reading you curate for your participants is also easily accessible on the Participant Dashboard. This is another way you can ensure they are guided and support throughout their journey.

Need inspiration on what to include in your Recommended Reading list? PC Academy provides a few examples of resources based on the type of mentoring program you are running. 

Help Hub 💡

The Mentorloop Help Hub is a comprehensive guide for using the Mentorloop Platform. it also provides every mentor and mentee with expert advice from the Mentorloop Team for every stage of their mentoring journey via the Mentorloop Academy.

Highlights ❤️

Your participants should never feel alone in their mentoring journey. With Mentorloop's Highlights, they are able to see what others in the program have been up to, draw motivation from their peers, and celebrate their wins with their vibrant mentoring community. 

It also helps you foster a sense of community among the participants, helping you keep engagement up.

VIDEO: Participant Dashboard Preview


Mentorloop wants to make sure you are maximising the use of all features in the Mentorloop platform to enhance your participants' experience. Take a look at how you can optimise your Program Settings to get the best results.

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