Joining another program using your existing login details

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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Joining another program is always very exciting! If you've joined in an existing program before, you don't need to register a whole new Mentorloop login just to join a different program.

How to join a new program with your current login details

Every program has a unique sign up link, you should've received a new one to join. When you get directed to the sign up form click the link that says Already have a Mentorloop Account? Sign in and proceed to sign into your account to set up a new mentoring profile for the program. 


Being redirected to your existing program 

If you try to join another program and are led to your current or old program, you should: 

  1. Check and see if you've used the sign up link to the new program.
  2. If that doesn't work, sign out and use the link to register your mentoring profile or clear your cache.
  3. Go through the sign up link using either another browser or sign in through incognito mode, upon the completion of your sign up, you should be able to proceed as normal. 

"This email is already in use" 

When you go to the sign up link, you should see an option that prompts you to sign in with an existing Mentorloop account. 

However, if you went ahead to register any of the other above options, you'll receive a message notifying you that you already have an existing account and will be directed to either sign in or register with a new email. From there, navigate to sign in underneath the 'in use' message and proceed to sign in using your existing details. 

If you're still having issues, reach out to your Program Coordinator or contact


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