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Copy and send the registration link

The link to your Signup form can be found in the middle dropdown that is on the top navigation bar.

Program dropdown menu

From there you can copy the link to the form and share it with potential participants or send them an invite by imputing their email. 

Bulk Invite

Did you know that you can invite your participants in bulk? Prepare a CSV file with a list of participant names and emails and upload them onto the signups page. 

Your participants will receive an email containing your unique sign-up link to join your program.

Learn more about bulk invites.

Program Coordinator invitation feature

If you have someone specific in mind you'd like to invite to the program, you can do so quickly and easily directly from the Dashboard. 

You will find the button to Invite participants from the middle dropdown of the top navigation bar.

The Suggest a Mentor or Mentee box will appear, where you can enter the email address of the person you want to invite and an email will be sent to them with the Signup form link.

Suggest a Participant


Role-specific Signup form

There is also an option to have the sign-up form a mentor, mentee or either specific. You just need to add the following to the end of the Signup form URL:

  • ?role=mentee

  • ?role=mentor

  • ?role=either

A role-specific form means that when a new participant clicks on the link, their role will already be selected. Please note that they can still change this.

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