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Once participants have been invited using the bulk invite feature on the Mentorloop platform, Program Coordinators can view the status of these invites from the Signups page which can be found on the left hand side and selecting the Invitation tab.

There are a few things that you, as a Program Coordinator, can do to manage your invitations, such as:

Invite again

Participants that were part of the original round of invites can be re-invited again. This can be used as a reminder for those participants to register to your mentoring program. 

You can also delete any record of a participant you have invited in the invitations tab. However, keep in mind that removing an invitation won't exclude the participant from joining, as the invitation email will have already been sent out. 

Approve/Decline suggestions

All mentoring programs have the functionality to enable their own participants to suggest their peers to join the program. The suggestions need to be approved by the program coordinator and can be done via Invitations. 

To approve or decline a suggestion, select the drop down and decide. 

Sort by invitee, status or date

To make it easier to manage and understand your invitations, you can use the sorting function within the tab. Organising invitees based on their name, status, or date, allows you to quickly identify which participant you have already attended to. 

We suggestion organising based on the name so that you save yourself time and ensure that you do not overlook anyone in the program.

What does the invitation email look like?

This is what the invitation email would look like for your participant. 

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