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Kristin Nankervis
Kristin Nankervis
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Whether you've already completed the signup process for your new mentoring program or are waiting for registrations to open, now's a great time to get familiar with Mentorloop and how it all works before embarking on this exciting journey. 

By the end of this module, you'll understand:

  • The Mentorloop philosophy
  • The role of Mentorloop in helping people have amazing mentoring relationships

The Mentorloop philosophy

We understand how intimidating it can be to ask someone to be your mentor, as well as how challenging it can be to find a suitable mentor in the first place! Furthermore, traditional models of mentoring typically favour the bold, or are reserved for a select few rather than made to be accessible for everyone.

At Mentorloop we believe that the right connection can change a life, however those connections aren't always so easy to come by. It is our mission to make those connections more accessible.

Why Mentorloop?

The relationship between mentor and mentee has the potential to be life-changing. However, without the right structure and support to effectively organize the experience, it is at risk of falling short. 

Mentorloop provides the platform, tools and resources for you to not only make meaningful connections, but maximize the potential of those relationships and have exceptional mentoring experiences. Throughout this course, you'll learn more about the ways in which Mentorloop supports you throughout the journey and will help you get the most from mentoring. 

How does Mentorloop work?

Every program will be different depending on your organization and its objectives, but let's take a look at how Mentorloop generally works for mentors and mentees:


In this module, we've learned about the role Mentorloop plays in your journey and how it helps program participants get set up for success. 

In the next module, we'll define mentoring and learn what the difference is between a mentor and a coach. 

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