How to be a good mentor

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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Everyone's mentoring style will be different, however, there are certain qualities and behaviours that will make you a great mentor and help you maximize the value of your mentoring relationship.

By the end of this module, you’ll have learned:

  • The 10 key qualities and habits of highly effective mentors
  • What your role is as the mentor including practical steps 
  • How to use Mentorloop's tools to be a great mentor

How to be a good mentor


Setting effective goals in Mentorloop

In this training video, we’ve outlined some key qualities and practical tips to ensure you're an effective mentor, including goal setting. Mentorloop helps mentors and mentees set effective goals by serving with you a series of prompts to help you ensure your goals align with the SMART framework. You can then share them with your mentoring match if you so wish.

This video explains how you can add your goals to Mentorloop, and share them with your match:

Remember to keep your goal progress updated by ticking of tasks or completing goals as you achieve them.


In this module we've learned the key qualities of great mentors and how you can help your mentee make meaningful progress via effective goal setting. To help you put all this into action, we recommend reading through the qualities in more detail to help you up-skill where you need and familiarise yourself with the SMART goal setting framework.

Reflection task

Ask yourself: What single thing would help me most, if I were a mentee?

In the next module, we teach what it means to be a good mentee.



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