'Bad' matches and accessing support

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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In a previous module, we learned that mentoring relationships come in different shapes and sizes and the importance of recognising that there is no such thing as a perfect mentor or mentee. There will be times when you encounter a "bad" or less-than-ideal match. 

In this module, we will explore:

  • Common challenges when it comes to a "bad" match
  • What steps you can take on Mentorloop to deal 
  • When it is appropriate to seek support and move on 

Dealing with 'Bad' Matches


In this module, we've identified the main challenges that come when dealing with a 'bad' match and what to do - specifically how you can resolve those matches on the platform and who to seek guidance/support from. The participant guide is also available for you at any point you need a reminder on how to navigate the mentoring platform to overcome any challenges.

Reflection task

To ensure you are prepared to take action if necessary, test yourself and locate these functions in Mentorloop:

  • How to close your loop (and find a new mentoring match - if enabled for your program!) 
  • How to contact your Program Coordinator
  • Where to access the Mentorloop Help Hub 

In the next module, we want you to step it up a notch! We'll explore the different styles of mentoring to unlock new potential in your relationships. 

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