How to be a good mentee

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In this course, we've learned that mentoring is a mutually beneficial experience. Although this is true, the fact remains that your mentor has made a commitment to your future, offering up their time and energy. This isn't something that should be taken for granted, and so we encourage all mentees to make it as easy as possible for their mentors. 

By the end of this module, you’ll have learned:

  • What your role is as the mentee
  • Habits of effective mentees
  • How to use the Mentorloop tools to put these into practice 

How to be a good mentee


Setting effective goals in Mentorloop

In this training video, we’ve outlined some key qualities and practical tips to ensure you're an effective mentor, including goal setting. Mentorloop helps mentors and mentees set effective goals by serving with you a series of prompts to help you ensure your goals align with the SMART framework. You can then share them with your mentoring match if you so wish.

This video explains how you can add your goals to Mentorloop, and share them with your match:

Remember to keep your goal progress updated by ticking of tasks or completing goals as you achieve them.


In this module we've learned the key qualities of great mentees including practical ways you can demonstrate to your mentor that you're grateful for their support and committed to the process. To help you put all this into action, we recommend reading through the qualities in more detail to and familiarise yourself with the SMART goal setting framework.

Reflection task

Choose one of the steps below to start setting yourself up for success:

1. Complete the mentoring agreement, and share this with your mentor

2. Prepare an agenda using these templates to get started

3. Write down three great questions you can take to your mentoring session, using these suggestions for inspiration

In the next module, we'll explore common barriers to great mentoring conversations and how to overcome them.


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