Barriers to great mentoring conversations (and how to overcome them)

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Your mindset plays a huge role in mentoring experience. Taking an open and curious approach towards the process is key to unlocking growth and getting the most from your sessions. This module will help you adopt a mentoring mindset and have better mentoring conversations.

By the end of this module, you'll know how to:

  • Avoid the most common barriers to great mentoring 
  • Encourage curious, open conversations
  • Develop psychological safety with your mentoring partner

Overcoming barriers to great mentoring conversations


Understanding what the biggest barriers to great mentoring conversions are is the first step to overcoming them and unlocking more meaningful mentoring conversations. Adopt the right mindset early on to reap more reward from your mentoring conversations and avoid some of the challenges we've discussed today. Further role-model openness and vulnerability through active listening and asking your match questions.

Reflection task

As yourself: Which of the four barriers am I most likely to struggle with? What's one small step I can take to overcome this in my next mentoring session?

In the next module, we'll be embarking on your mentoring journey, starting with how to find a match.

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