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Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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Curate readings for your program participants, based on their role as mentor, mentee or both!

How can I add a new reading?

  1. Navigate to Settings >  Manage program >  Recommended reading

  2. Add recommended reading and give your new link a title

  3. Click Link to add the URL of the recommended reading and Apply

  4. To save your changes, make sure to Publish



Feel free to rearrange the order of the recommended readings by clicking on the '=' icon and dragging it up or down!

Can I use my own links?

You are more than welcome to include your own mentoring content that may be more suited to your participants and your program!

However, feel free to browse our Mentorloop resource hub for inspiration.

Can I upload supporting documents/attachments?

At this stage, the feature will only let you upload a link or URL. Files such as word (.doc) or PDFs (.pdf) or images (such as .jpeg or.png) are not supported. You can still link to a file if you have it located somewhere your participants can access, such as your intranet or website.

How many recommended readings can I add?

We allow up to 10 recommended readings!

How often can I update Recommended reading?

You can update the reading list as often as you'd like. You may want to set the content for specific comms around getting started, and then update as your program progresses. It's up to you!

Can I go back to the original reading list?

To revert back to the default reading list for any of the groups, you just delete all the readings in that specific group and it will reset!





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