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What is the Mentorloop Sentiment Dashboard?

The Mentorloop Sentiment Dashboard is a real-time feed of mentor and mentee sentiment about your mentoring program. This includes your mentor and mentee match satisfaction, feedback on mentoring meetings and feelings of progress on their mentoring journey. The Sentiment Dashboard aims to reinforce the success of your mentoring program through mentor and mentee feedback!

What are the different survey types?

You will have real-time access to some survey data and feedback from your mentors and mentees. This data can be viewed by you, as the Program Coordinator and Administrators of the Program. Survey data include:


Mentoring Quality Score (MQS): understand the satisfaction between the mentor and mentee;

Post-meeting Survey: understand how your mentors and mentees went with their mentoring meetings;

Close Loop Survey: understand why a mentoring relationship has come to an end.


Can I share this information?

Participants share their feedback privately with you, the Program Coordinator, and Mentorloop with the aim to empower you to make decisions on how to improve the program. We suggest you keep this information confidential, or ask for permission before sharing externally or with other participants.

When will the sentiment start coming through and what do I do if there is a bad survey response?

Sentiment from your mentors and mentees will start coming through after your participants have been matched and begin engaging in mentoring meetings. If you do receive poor feedback from a mentor or mentee, you’ll be able to view both the score and comment and take action where appropriate.

Here you can access a Program Management Playbook which includes suggested comms that you can use as a Program Coordinator.

How do I access the Sentiment Dashboard?

You will have access to an overview of sentiments via your Mentorloop Dashboard. You can then drill down further and see all of your program feedback, steps below will show you how:

  1. Click on 'View All' at the bottom of the sentiment dashboard.

  2. Click on Manage program > Sentiments tab


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