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Georgia Pascoe
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There are a number of visible icons at the top of the Participants page which allow you to carry out actions for multiple participants at a time. These include:

  • Message Participants
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Tag Participants
  • Add to a Group Loop
  • Make Available/Unavailable
  • Remove/Un-remove Participants

Message Participants

Find out more about how to message with participants, individually or as a whole.


Schedule a meeting

Find out more about scheduling meetings with participants.


Tag Participants

Find out more about how to create tags and how to edit and remove tags.


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Add to a Group Loop

Find out more about Group Loops and how to utilise them for your program.


Make Available or Make Unavailable

Mentors and Mentees have the ability to make themselves available or unavailable for matching if you have chosen a self-initiated matching program. You can also find out more about how to make an individual available or unavailable on their behalf.


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Remove or Un-remove Participants

Find out more about how to remove or un-remove participants from within your program.




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