What are Nudges?

Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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Once your Participants have signed up for the program, Mentorloop guides them on their mentoring journey and helps them prepare for success with a series of helpful emails, called Nudges.


Don't worry - we don't bombard your people with unnecessary emails! Nudges are designed to provide mentors and mentees with helpful resources to help them get the most out of mentoring, keep the guesswork out of what actions they can take next, and help them stay on track throughout the Mentoring milestones.


Here's an example of what our Nudges look like:

Nudges are specific to Participants' mentoring role. The above is an example of what a Mentee will receive once they've been matched with a mentor, to help them create goals. 
Nudges help keep mentoring front of mind for your Participants, but as Program Coordinator, we encourage you to regularly check in with your Participants to help maintain momentum. Check out our suggestions for other ways to maintain mentoring momentum and program engagement. 

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