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Georgia Pascoe
Georgia Pascoe
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As Program Coordinator you have the ability to schedule a meeting for your entire cohort or a specific group, at once. To do so:

  1. In the Participants tab, just above the list of people, tick the box beside 'Participant' to select all.

  2. Click the schedule meeting icon.

  3. Fill in the details and click send.


If you wish to invite a specific group of participants to a meeting, filter for the group in the Participants tab and select accordingly before sending the message (e.g. if you would like to have a meeting with all of your mentors who are matched, use the filters Mentoring Role: Mentor & Active Loops: Has Loops).

Why invite all of your participants to a meeting?

If you are hosting an event or a webinar, this is a great way to get feedback. By creating your meeting within Mentorloop, all of your attendees will receive a post meeting survey. This will allow you to gather feedback afterwards.

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