Mentorloop Milestones for Program Coordinators

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What Are Milestones?

Milestones are a set of automated checkpoints that are achieved based on a participants' point in their mentoring relationships. Milestones make it easy for participants to track their progress and allow them to enjoy a more structured mentoring experience.

  1. Getting started - Learn about good mentoring and how to use Mentorloop.

  2. Matching - Get to know their mentoring partner and set expectations.

  3. First Meeting - Meet with their mentoring partner and start the journey.

  4. Grow Together - Complete and expand on goals together.

  5. Levelling Up - Get more out of mentoring with Mentorloop.

Mentorloop Milestones

Where can I see Milestones?

  1. Log into Mentorloop and navigate to your Program Coordinator Dashboard

  2. Scroll down to view the number of your participants at each milestone stage.

How can Milestones be achieved throughout a participant's mentoring relationship?

Milestones are loop-based, and can be achieved through: 

  • Getting matched to their mentoring partner 

  • Arranging their first meeting

  • Building momentum after the first mentoring meeting 
  • Sharing positive sentiments about each other 

How do they progress onto the next milestone?

Progressing through milestones is done automatically and based on the active interactions that participants have with their mentoring partners within the platform.

Participants will be at different milestones based on their different relationships. 

Is there a time limit to progress to the next milestone?

No, participants can progress through their milestones at a pace that suits them. However, the Milestone Insights will alert the Program Coordinator on the dashboard if a participant has been in a particular stage for more than 21 days. 

You can filter for those participants and reach out to provide extra support. Mentorloop has provided you with some tips and sample communications if participants need assistance in finding a match or a nudge to schedule their first meeting.

How do I see a specific participant’s milestones?

To view a participant's progress towards completing a particular milestone, navigate to the Participants page on the left navigation bar. Individual participant progression is visible to you within their summary card under the Info section!

You can also use the filter ‘Mentoring Milestone’ to see a breakdown of participants on each milestone.


Do mentors and mentees get the same milestones?

All participants will see the same milestone stages, but the actions required to proceed through the milestones will differ depending on whether they are a mentor or a mentee.

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