How To Create Tags

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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What are tags used for?

Tags have been designed to help PCs to easily manage multiple groups of people within a program. Tags let you group participants together, which is a great way to highlight specific groups of people within the program or even flag specific participants! 

Once you have applied tags to a group of people, these tags can be used as filters as well!

Bulk Tag participants

1. Navigate to the Participants page

2. Select participants you want to tag or apply a filter to find specific groups of people.

3. Select the tag icon to create a new tag or select an already existing tag/s


5. Apply your changes

Individually Tag

1. Navigate to the Participants page

2. Select the participant you want to tag and you'll see an option to 'Add tag'


3. Alternatively, you can search for any participant by typing their name in the search bar, selecting the person and using the tag icon, similar to bulk tagging


4. Select or create a new tag, then apply changes

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