Why You Should Use Integrations and When to Use Them

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To integrate or not to integrate? 🤔

You might be concerned about how enabling certain integrations will play with your working ecosystem. Or maybe you’re wary about how many new notifications your participants will have to manage on top of the ones they already deal with. 

These are valid concerns but we still highly suggest that, if you use a program that Mentorloop integrates with it, you turn this integration on. More than just for convenience, it makes the experience better for your participants, it helps with encouraging participants to embrace the mentoring program and engage in it, and it gives you more insight into your participants’ behaviour.

Improve Participant Experience

Integrating with programs you already use allows you to help your participants integrate mentoring into their routines more easily. If they can use things that they’re already familiar with to participate in the program, that’s already a win. The fact that they don’t have a steep learning curve just to access mentoring means they have a near-seamless experience incorporating this new thing into their routines. 

Advice from our Customer Success team:

Integrations for Pilot Programs

If you’re starting a pilot program. We suggest that you turn the integrations on from the start. Sometimes, program coordinators will run a pilot without the integrations with the intention to see how it goes before they go all in. However, we think this isn’t the best call. 

Integrations help with adoption and engagement - both things that mentoring program success depends on. And if we assume that you’re running your pilot in the hope of growing it, then we see no reason to forego the integrations, especially key ones like Teams, Zoom, and Calendar.

We also think that it’s best to start as you mean to continue. As you start building your program, you also set the expectation for what the experience is like for the participants. And once that is set, it can be hard to change. Start your program with all your integrations set, give your participants a great experience, and watch mentoring seamlessly embed itself into your organisation’s culture as your program grows. 

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