What can I customise in my program?

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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You can customise the look and feel of your mentoring program. Navigate to the Program settings to see what sections of your mentoring program you can customise!


Program name, company and logo

Specifications for your Company logo

To ensure your logo is clear throughout your dashboard and signup page ensure you have the following specifications:
  • Height: 81px
  • Width: Up to 477px
  • Orientation: Landscape
  • Format: PNG
  • Background: Transparent

Signup form welcome message

As participants click on the signup form link to register their interest with your mentoring program, they will first see a welcome message. Program Coordinators are able to edit the message they receive at the beginning! 

It would be beneficial to introduce the purpose of the program and its benefits or any other important events or dates you have in place. 


Program coordinator loop introduction

Once you have participants in your mentoring program, they will receive an automated from the Program Coordinator when they first log in. You can personalise this and make it sound like you! Don't forget to include your contact details! 


New match email notification

Introduce your mentors and mentees to one another with a more personalised approach using the new match email notification. Within this message, you can assign next steps and provide helpful resources!


Recommended reading

Want to include your own resources and links? You can! All you need is the URL link and easily provide your own resources that you think could benefit your participants. You can customise the readings based on participant's mentoring role. 

Dashboard introduction message

Another feature that you can customise is the Dashboard introduction message. You can use this to outline any main expectation for the program, it's also one of the first places participants to after joining your new program so it sets the tone for how the program will be like! 

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