Getting the Most Out of the Program Coordinator Dashboard

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The Mentorloop Dashboard gives you a snapshot of 5 key indicators of your mentoring program: 

  • Participants
  • Matching
  • Milestones
  • Sentiment
  • Highlights

Your dashboard will also show you Insights - suggestions relating to these five aspects that allow you to make your data actionable and guide you in making sure your program is going well. 

So let’s talk about what these data categories tell you and what actions you can take based on the information presented.

Participants: Program Growth

The Participants chart on your dashboard is the real-time, tangible proof that you’re making an impact with a growing number of people. This tells you how your program is developing over time, if you’re meeting your recruitment targets, and which of your marketing efforts were/are effective. 

In this section, your Insights will tell you how you’re tracking towards your recruitment target or how many new participants have signed up over a period of time. With this data front and center, you’ll be able to decide whether it’s time for another recruitment push, or if your program is growing well and  you can focus your energy elsewhere. 

Advice from our Customer Success Team

"If you have many more mentees than mentors, you may want to recruit a few more mentors. A good way to do this is by being specific with your recruitment communications. e.g. “We’re missing 8 mentors - 8 mentees will be left without support!”
- Marina 

"When participants sign up, encourage them to suggest a mentor or mentee!"

- Janina


The Matching chart tells you how many connections you’re making. It also helps you track whether you’ve got stragglers and people who still need to be matched. 

In this section, your Insights will tell you if you have draft matches waiting to be approved (if you’re using Smart match), or if your participants have matched themselves in the last few days (if you’re running a Self match program). These insights will guide you towards what actions you need to take to make sure everyone has a mentoring match. 

Advice from our Customer Success Team

Milestones: Participant Growth

Milestones tell you who is at what stage of their mentoring journey and highlights the progress your participants are making. 

If anyone is stuck but hasn’t given you feedback, Milestones allow you to see that they’ve maybe been at one stage for too long or are lagging behind the rest of the cohort, which then allows you to proactively address this issue. 

This is also important information for Always-On programs where not everyone is on the same timeline as this information helps you offer timely support to participants in specific milestones. 

Advice from our Customer Success Team

"If you are unsure of how to support a participant in a specific milestone, not only do they receive automated communications throughout their mentoring journey, there are also a number of resources available on Mentorloop’s Help Hub that you can send through to them so that they are given the right content at any stage in their mentoring journey."

- Janina 

Sentiment: Program Health

The Sentiment chart of your dashboard tells you about the health of the relationships in your program. This brings attention to any areas or participants that need your support. 

It shows you whether people are rating their relationships well after meetings and after their relationships have come to a close. 

In this section, your Insights will tell you how your Mentoring Quality Score (MQS) is trending over time and guide you towards helpful resources if it’s not going so well. 

Advice from our Customer Success Team

"Ideally, you’d want to see that people are rating their relationships highly when they close their Loops because this means they’ve achieved their goals and their mentoring relationship has come to a natural end."

- Marina

Highlights: Participant Activity and Contextual Feedback

Your Highlights section gives you the latest activity in your program, be it new people joining or contextual feedback from your mentors and mentees. These are what give context to all of the quantitative data we’ve talked about. It also helps you check the pulse of your program in real-time. 

This is vital! At Mentorloop, we don’t believe in reducing people to just numbers because we believe that mentoring, at its core, is all about human connection. Your Highlights show you exactly that. 

Advice from our Customer Success Team

"Use your Highlights to give credit to mentors or mentees who are doing particularly well. It’s also a great way to find who your Mentoring Champions are!"

- Janina 

More Reporting Tools

Your Monthly Digest email 

We send you a monthly email that gives you a snapshot of the previous month of your program. It includes data on all five of these sections so you can have a quick look at how your program performed in the previous month.

"Some months will naturally be busier than others. The monthly digest allows you to quickly understand what’s going on in your program and gives you guidance on what to focus on when you next log into Mentorloop."

- Janina 

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Your Exported PDF Report

You can download a PDF version of your report at any time for any purpose.

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