How Chris increased the number of goals set in their program by 28%

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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Goal setting is an important part of Mentoring — but figuring out what you want is the biggest challenge and a blank page is always hard to look at.

So how can you help your participants take this step? Consider running a goal-setting workshop, like Chris, who runs a corporate Mentoring program on Mentorloop. This program saw the total amount of people who had committed to a goal increase by 10%, and the total number of goals set in the program increase by 28%.

Here are 3 resources that will help you:

How does this help you as a program coordinator?

  • Provide even more meaningful reports on your people’s progress.
  • View your participants goals, so you can see where they might be stagnating or who you might need to recruit for. 
Hear from Chris:

Why do you encourage goal-setting within your program and how has it helped participants?

“I strongly encourage mentees to go through the process of goal setting, using the Mentorloop goal setting framework. By going through that exercise, mentees will often understand their goals with more clarity and be able to articulate them when they sit down with a mentor. 

There's often some confusion between what is an action and what is a goal. Going through this Goal Setting process can actually differentiate these, and uncover additional ideas that hadn't been considered before.”

Happy Mentoring,
The Mentorloop Customer Success Team

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