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Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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In Customer Success, we often get asked how other Program Coordinators manage their programs and maintain momentum throughout the program lifecycle.

This article covers tips and examples of how successful programs continue to gain momentum after launch and maintain it until the program is relaunched.

Post Program Launch 

We've seen Program Coordinators run Recruitment and Post-launch events whether it be virtual or in-person events to create the initial buzz and excitement for their program here are some ways to expand your program with assets you already have!

Curtin University

The Curtin Kalgoorlie’s Buddy Program hosts in-person launch parties to provide opportunities for mentors to meet mentees and network. This helps to reduce nerves in those new to the University and breaks the ice among participants.

It can feel daunting to host your first mentoring event, access the Mentorloop Media Kit to help you get started. 

Mid Program

Webinars and Networking Events

  • Program Coordinators frequently choose to run webinars or networking events in the middle of their program cycle. The objectives of the event would be to create a greater sense of community within the program and provide an opportunity for participants to meet their mentoring partners face-to-face if the event is local or connect with peers and potential mentors. 
Roads Australia

The Roads Australia Fellowship Program hosts launch events in hopes to encourage and empower Mentees to drive their mentoring relationships and connect with mentors.

Introduce Self Match

  • Many opt for a hybrid style of matching where manually creating mentoring relationships is at the fingertips of Program Coordinators but with the help of Self Match. Having Self Match enabled provides participants the opportunity to jump in and connect with a mentor/mentee of their own choice!

Encourage Consistent Communication

  • As the saying goes, communication is key. It is important to encourage your mentors and mentees to establish a regular cadence with their respective matches.
  • Consistent communication from the Program Coordinators can also play an important part in maintaining momentum. 
  • Something as simple as providing timely updates on program developments, sharing useful resources or encouraging continued growth within their mentoring relationships, can be useful to participants. 

Program Closure and Relaunch 

Closing and relaunching the program is a time to celebrate the program's impact and start another successful program.

To properly close and relaunch your program, it is important to follow some best practices. These include communicating the closure to participants, exporting and reviewing program data for trends and feedback, and using that information to make changes for the relaunch.

For more information on program management, refer to this playbook. Additionally, learn about best practices for exporting data in this article.

Hear from one of our Program Coordinators :

"The best feature is the ability to export information about Mentors and Mentees almost instantaneously, this allows me to tailor my program in a way that I couldn't before."

You can also read about our very own Customer Success Manager's ideal mentoring program to see how they would run their ideal program.





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