Using Sentiment to identify inactive participants & maintain an active cohort

Janina Mercado
Janina Mercado
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In every program, participants come and go for various reasons such as leaving the company or no longer wanting to participate. It's important to maintain an engaged participant list, so that you don't run the risk of people being matched with inactive participants.

What should I do? 

There are two things that you as Program Coordinators can do to maintain an active list. 

  1. Remove people who have left your company/community, or don't want to participate at all. Have you checked out our Salesforce Integration?
  2. Mark people as unavailable if they need a break.

How often should I do this?

We'd recommend once per month, but you know your program best! 

How can I manage this in Mentorloop?

Sentiment, Filtering and Tags 

Sentiment provides you with helpful indicators for inactive participants. USTA has maintained a healthy program for over 3 years, using sentiment to identify those who are not responsive, have no time, or perhaps have left the profession. 

The tag function allows you to mark those who have not been active with Mentorloop so that you can take action to follow up. 

What filters and tag do I use?

Step 1

Filter your survey responses in the Sentiment page.

  • Filter for Survey Type: Close Loop Survey and Close Loop Reason: No response, Never got started, No time

Step 2

Tag both the participant who responded and their mentoring connection, so you can reach out. 

  • Bulk select and select the tag icon
  • We suggest using something like: Potentially Inactive: [DATE]
  • Apply tag

To tag the other mentoring connection, you will need to click on their name and individually tag them in from their summary card.

Step 3 

Navigate to the participants page and search for the tag you just created 

  • The participants page is where you can message
  • Filter for Tags: Potentially Inactive: [DATE]
  • Select the bulk message icon and let them know they will be marked as unavailable or removed (depending on your preferred approach), unless they login to the platform and communicate with their mentor/mentee with a deadline (e.g. in 1 week)

When a participant reaches out to their mentoring connection, this will update their 'Last Activity' timestamp so that you are aware of who is engaging in the platform.

  • As you've tagged both participants from the Sentiment page, you will need to convey your message in a way that speaks to both the active participants and those are the potential inactives.

Step 4

Remove or mark unavailable the participants that have not interacted within the platform by the deadline you provided. 

  • Filter for Tags: Potentially Inactive: [DATE] and Last Activity: Before [DEADLINE DATE]
  • Remove or Make unavailable

Remember removing a participant is not permanent - they can always be added back into the program at anytime!

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