What happens after I launch my program?

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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After launch

  • Your program won't be in demo mode, all the pre-populated sample data will be erased.
  • Your program will be live but participants cannot join until after they are invited to the program
  • Your program matching style and participant signup form is set
  • To change the settings (logo, colour, and communications), you can at any time before or after the launch

This article is relevant for Mentorloop Pro Customers

After launch, your Program Coordinator Dashboard will help you keep on top of managing your program as it outlines where you may need to spend your time. You may also want to agree on some key dates in the future if your program demands. Here is what this may look like:

Week 1: Promote your program, invite participants

In the initial week, it is crucial to focus on promoting and inviting potential participants to join. To get started, you have the option to extend invitations to participants, encouraging them to join your program. To assist you in effectively promoting your program, we will provide you with a comprehensive media kit. You might also find the Mentoring Program Recruitment – A Beginner’s Guide and bulk invite helpful

Week 2: Begin matching

Week 2 marks the start of the matching process. You may have already selected your preferred matching style via the Program Builder. 

  • Self Match. If you opted for this style, it's crucial to reach out to participants who may be struggling to find a suitable match. By offering assistance, you can ensure that everyone has a successful matching experience. Learn more about this approach ↗.
  • Manual Match. In this method, you take on the responsibility of creating the matches yourself. It's an excellent opportunity to practice your skills, especially if you want to master how to create a loop in demo mode.
  • Blended approach (recommended). With this approach, you allow participants to match themselves initially. However, you have the ability to step in to assist and match those who may encounter difficulties finding a suitable match. This way, you strike a balance between autonomy and support, ensuring that everyone is paired up effectively.

Week 3: Monitor your program

In the third week of the program, the initial meetings are held and mentoring relationships begin their journey. It is crucial for Program Coordinators to actively observe and assess the progress of their participants during this early phase. This allows Program Coordinators to identify individuals who may require additional assistance and guide participants towards the appropriate path.

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