Mentoring Milestone 1: Matching

Janina Balatbat
Janina Balatbat
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Milestones are a good way to track progress over time. 

If you want your participants to successfully get through the Matching Milestone, reaching out to encourage completion can be a great start. Below, we've provided some sample communications you can send to your participants via Bulk Message. 


Identify participants in Matching Milestone 

  1. Navigate to the Participants page
  2. Filter for ‘Mentoring Milestone: Matching'

Sample Comms 

  • Self Match

Hi {firstName},

I’ve noticed that you have yet to be matched with a mentor/mentee. You have access to the Self Match feature, where you can find and request your mentoring match!

I've attached a Self Match guide below that can assist you in finding your match. 

If you need assistance, please reach out.



  • Manual Match

Hi {firstName},

On [matching date] we’ll be matching you with someone from within the program! Allowing some time in your schedule for the first meeting may be worthwhile. 

We're hopeful this match is a life-changing connection, but it may be the first step in building out your advisory board. 



  • Smart Match

Hi {firstName},

We’ll be running another round of matching on {DATE}. Stay tuned as you will soon be matched with a new mentor/mentee. 

We hope you can make the most out of this mentorship! 



Mentoring Milestone 2: First Meeting

After participants have been matched, they will proceed to the next milestone, First Meeting. Find out how you can motivate your participants to schedule their meetings.

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